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Products > Outdoor Inflatable Tents > inflatable Air shelter

inflatable mobile hospital, inflatable Air shelter

Hot selling size: 6mx5mx3m
Material:commercial PVC tarpaulin
Inflatable medical defending isolation tent
Size: 10mLx6mWx3mH or customized
Material: 1000D PVC tarpaulin
OEM: Customized service is accepted
Color: White and red or be customized
Inflatable refugee tent for first aid during disaster
Size: 10mL x 6mW x 4mH
Material: 1000D PVC Tarpaulin
Weight: About 200KGS
Color: White or customized
Emergency Refugee tents inflatable air structure
Size: 7mLx5.6mWx3.2mH
Weight: About 160kgs
Material: 1000D PVC tarps
Color: As pictures shown
inflatable outdoor shower tent decontamination
Size: 2mL x 2mW x 2.5mH
Material: 1000D PVC tarps
Weight: About 40KGS
Color: Orange or customized
outdoor emergency decon shower system for 1 man
Size: 2.0mL * 2.0mW * 2.4mH
Material: 1000D PVC tarps
Weight: 92 * 64 * 25cm,35kgs
Color: As picture shown
1 man shower system for decontamination
Size: 4.6m*6.5m*2.7m
Weight: About 130kgs
Material: 1000D PVC tarps
decontamination tent inflatable emergency shelter
Size: 6mLx4mWx3mH
Material: PVC Tarpaulin
Pack: 100x60x60cm
Weight: About 90KG
used as medical tent inflatable during disaster
Size: 6mLx4.5mWx3mH
Weight: About 100kgs
Material: 1000D PVC tarps
Color: As pictures shown
inflatable mobile hospital for emergency first aid
Material: 0.6mm PVC tarpauline
Size: 6mLx4mWx3mH or customized
Structure: Airtight structure
OEM: Customized services are acceptable
outdoor inflatable medical tent for emergency
Size: 10mL x  6mW x 3mH or customized
OEM: Customized service is acceptable
Mateiral: Commercial Grade PVC Tarpaulin
Color: As picture shown or customized
Durable portable inflatable medical tent for emergency
Size for each tent: 6mLx5mWx3mH
Material: PVC tarpaulin(Commercial grade)
Color & Size: Can be customized
Weight for each tent about: 126kgs
Packing size for each tent: 108*70*76cm
3 in1 Inflatable Hospitals Military Tent
Size: 8mLx5mWx3mH
Material: PVC tarpaulin
Color: Can be customized
Weight about: 160KGS
Packing size: 110x65x65cm
Mobile medical tent
Structure: Air sealed
Size: 6mLX5mWX3mH
Material: PVC tarpaulin
Color: Grey color
inflatable medical tent
Size: 6mL*4mW*3mH
Weight: About 95kgs
Material: PVC tarpaulin
Color: As picture shown
Inflatable Relief Medical Rescue Tent
Size: 8mL*5mW*3mH
Weight: About 160kgs
Color: Yellow & green
Logo: Can be customized
Supply Inflatable Medical Tent
Size: 5mLx5mWx3mH
Weight: About 90kgs
Color: White & red or customized
Material: Commercial PVC tarpaulin
inflatable relief Tent
Size: 6mL*4mW*3mH
Color: White color
Material: PVC tarpaulin
Tent type: Air-tight tent
Self Erecting Inflating Rescue Tent
Size: 10mLx6mWx3mH
Material: 1000D PVC tarps
Weight: About 238kgs
Color: As picture shown
air tight inflatable emergency tent
Size: 10m x 5m x 3mH
Material: 1000D PVC tarps
Color: Red&white or customize
Customize: Are acceptable
Cheap portable inflatable emergency tent for sale
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This is an air tight inflatable tent, Because it is air tight, portable, it is often used as inflatable medical tent during the disaster happens.
At the special time, the refugees can be arranged in the emergency tent, for rest or for first aid or other things are ok. It is really good product for the emergency case. The inflatable medical tent is air tight, waterproof, UV-resistant, flame-retardant. And even can be used at the temperature from -15 degree to +75 degree. In snow weather, the inflatable tent can burden snow about 5cm in thickness.
Besides, this air tighted tent can also be used as inflatable camping tent, or outdoor inflatable shelters and so on. So this inflatable tent is really widely use.
For some other designs and price information, please contact us.
Position:Products > Outdoor Inflatable Tents > inflatable Air shelter

inflatable mobile hospital, inflatable Air shelter

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