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Products > Clear Inflatable Dome Tent > inflatable bubble tent

inflatable bubble tent

Size: 4m diameter for the globe
Material: Clear PVC&PVC tarpaulin
Package: 50x50x98cm/65kg
Color & Size:can be customized
inflatable clear bubble tent
Size: 5m diameter for the tent
Material: Clear PVC&PVC tarpaulin
Package: 100x60x60cm/75kg/pcs
Color & Size: Can be customized
Inflatable clear bubble lawn camping tent
Size: 4m diameter
Material: Clear PVC +PVC Tarps
Color: as picture
weight: About 50kgs
crystal inflatable bubble dome
Size:4.5m diameter
Material:clear PVC+PVC tarps
weight:about 40kgs
portable inflatable show ball
Size: 4.5m diameter,the bottom size is 3.6m diameter
Material:Clear PVC and PVC tarpaulin(commercial grade)
Color & Size:can be customized
Inflatable snow globe for party exhibition
Size:4m diameter
Weight:about 40kgs
Material:clear PVC&PVC tarps
Inflatable bubble house
Size: 8ft/2.44m diameter      
Material: Clear PVC+PVC tarpaulin
Color & Size:can be customized
Packing size:60x30x30cm/15kgs
Inflatable globe for dance show
Size:7.5m diameter
Material: Clear PVC + PVC tarpaulin
Color:Can be customized
Packing size:80x80x100cm /130 KGS
7.5M snow globe
Size:5m diameter
Material:clear PVC and PVC tarps
Color & Size:can be customized
Packing size:52×52×90cm/53kgs
5m Inflatable performer snow globe
Size: 2.5m diameter
Material: Clear PVC + PVC tarps
Weight: about 30kgs
Color & Size:can be customized
Transparent inflatable show ball for promotion event
Size: 5.5m diameter
material: PVC tarpaulin
color: clear & white PVC
weight: about 86kgs
Clear Inflatable Lawn Tent
Size: 4.5m&4.5mdiamte
color: transparent&white
Material: clear PVC tarpaulin
New outdoor inflatable bubble tree
Dome size:4.5&3m diameter
Material:PVC tarpaulin+clear PVC
Color as picture
Packing size:48cmx55cmx100cm/65kgs
inflatable bubble lodge
Size:4m diamter
weight: about 65kgs
color: transparent & white
Material:clear PVC & tarpaulin
clear inflatable tent for yard
Size for clear dome:4m diameter 
Size for half clear dome:4m diameter
Size for small white dome:2.7m  dia
Material: Clear PVC+PVC tarp
Color & Size:can be customized
Packing size:115x58x58cm/84kgs
Inflatable Bubble tree tent
Size: 5m diameter, 7.5m long
Material: Clear PVC + PVC tarps
Weight: about 70kgs
clear inflatable lawn bubble
Size: 4.5m diameter for main globe
Material: Transparent PVC + PVC Tarpaulin
Color: Transparent + White
package size:48cmx55cmx100cm/60kgs
Inflatable Half Transparent Dome Tent
Size: 4m diameter for dome
Air frame tunnel entrance
Material: Clear PVC+PVC tarpaulin(Commercial grade)
Color & Size:can be customized
Inflatable bubble house dome
Size: 6m diameter
Materla:Clear PVC+PVC tarps
Color: as picture
Packing size:105x73cm/96kgs
inflatable crystal bubble dome
Size: 4m&3m diameter
Material:  Clear PVC & white PVC tarps
Color: clear / white
Packing size:95x58x58cm/68kgs
Double Inflatable Bubble Lodge Tents
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all these bubble tent can be moveable, it can be easily set up during mins time. people can use it as privite camping tent or decorated it as a huge inflatable snow globe for the Christmas holiday. Or it can be used as a show case or a show room for the branding promotions.
Inflatable Bubble Tent This tent can be used for more than one purpose. Inflatable bubble lodge tent is favored for its wide application for advertising, camping, holiday leisure outdoor activities, trade shows, exhibitions, promotion, outdoor shelter, car shelter, etc. It can be easily installed in parties, parks, amusement centers, backyard, gardens.
Position:Products > Clear Inflatable Dome Tent > inflatable bubble tent

inflatable bubble tent

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