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Top 10 Castle Inflatable Bouncers and Jumpers For Kids

Author:Yolloy inflatable Date:2016-7-9 10:26:59

Every castle, regardless of the material it is made, leave a great impression to people and particularly to the little kids. This time, we are going to show you several inflatable castles that are considered to be most attractive for all children. In fact, they are inflated bouncers designed as castles in various shapes. Therefore, their main purpose is to be a good and safe place for kids to play, however, you can also use them for different occasions, such as exhibitions, some ceremonies, etc. One thing is certain, every kid will have a great fun while play and jump inside the inflatable castle. In addition to castle shaped bouncers, they are also available in hundreds of different shapes as you can see on this page http://www.yolloy.net/Inflatable-Jumping-Castle/ and this too http://www.yolloy.net/Inflatable-Bounce-House/index.html

1. Big bouncy castle inflatable with dual slide 

This bouncer is shaped as a medieval castle and it has an English knight on its top, i.e. above the entrance of the castle. All over the walls there are yellow stripes, which resemble the bricks, so the kids will have a feeling that it is a real castle built of bricks. Also, this bouncer has a slide in its composition as well as the protective nets on doors and windows. One of the main advantages when it comes to this castle is that it has two slides. There is no doubt, it will be the perfect toy for little boys! 

                                      big bouncy castle inflatable with dual slide

2. Egypt Prince style inflatable bounce house 

Unlike the previous bouncy castle, this one is designed like castles from the Middle East, according to the shape of its towers. Also, it has several characters from Aladdin and the Magic Lamp cartoon. Although this is a mini castle, it has sufficiently large area for jumping, so that up to ten little kids can enjoy it at the same time. Yellow and blue are the dominant colors in this inflatable castle bouncer. If your children like to watch Aladdin cartoons/movies, this will certainly be the ideal bouncer for them. 

                                             Egypt Prince style inflatable bounce house

3. Green palm tree inflatable forest castle with slide 

If you think this is a building from snow, you are wrong. This is a big inflatable castle made from high quality PVC tarpaulin that serves as a bouncer for play. In addition to children's toy, it can also be used for other purposes, such as exhibitions, various celebrations and ceremonies, or like a place for adult parties. It is pretty easy to inflate, deflate and maintain. This white bouncer is ideal for white themed parties (for both kids and grown ups), and it is a great alternative to the usual and boring parties, which are full of contrasting colors. White color looks marvelously and it will be great to have this castle during the winter when it's snowing. In order to ensure the full safety, all strips at the corners as well as at joints are reinforced with double or triple stitches. 

                                      Green palm tree inflatable forest castle with slide

4. Inflatable Rainbow castle bounce house jump for fun 

Here's another bouncer designed as a knightly castle, however, unlike the first bouncer it looks more like a castle from cartoons. This rainbow inflatable castle has several towers as well, and it is colored in various colors; blue, green, yellow and red. The best thing about this inflatable bouncer is that it is suitable for both indoor or outdoor spaces. It can be used either during the summer or the winter period. In addition to the model in the picture, it is also available in different designs/styles and colors. 

                                      Inflatable Rainbow castle bounce house jump for fun

5. Kitty cake bounce house inflatable building - Inflatable Bouncer with a Cake Design 

The next inflatable bouncer has the shape of the cake, so it is ideal for birthday parties and the similar events for children. Every kid loves something special for its birthday, so this bouncer with cake design will surely make the party unusual and memorable for your child. Instead of towers, it has the inflatable birthday candles on every corner. You can order an inflatable cake-castle in the custom design in order to look like the birthday cake according to your own wish. Unlike the real cakes, these ones are made from PVC tarpaulin – environmentally friendly material that is safe for kids and fire/water resistant. 

                                      Kitty cake bouncer house inflatable building

6. Big Colorful Princess Inflatable Castle Bouncy Slide 

This is a new fairy story princess inflatable jumper with slide. This colorful inflatable castle is a perfect bouncer for all kids. Children love to play in the parks and enjoy slides there, however, it can become difficult for parents to take their children to the park every day, especially if both parents are working. Thus, this big bouncer is the best solution to this problem. You just need to install it at some appropriate place in your backyard or garden, and your children will be able to play in this inflatable castle anytime they want. It really looks so amazing, and what is more important, your kids will be completely safe inside while jumping. 

                                      new fairy story princess inflatable jumper with slide

7. Pink Inflatable Castle Bouncer 

In addition to bouncing area, this castle also has a slide in its structure. Due to the pink and violet colors (that dominate in this bouncer) it is more suitable for the little girls, but the boys can enjoy it as well. As far as the size, it may be customized to fit the surface of your yard, or to be in accordance with your budget or some other specific needs. These castles are made of extremely soft material, which is suitable for soft children's skin. It is very easy to maintain. You can clean it up easily with a wipe or a wet rag if your kids spill something on it, while the bottom part (which is set up on the ground) can be cleaned with cold water after deflation. 

                                      bouncy castle pink princess story kids moonwalk

8. Princess Castle Inflatable Bouncer 

While the boys dream to be mighty knights, many small girls would like to be princesses and have their own castle. With this Princess Castle Inflatable Bouncer, their wish can be realized! This inflatable castle looks very attractive, and moreover it has images of some popular cartoon princesses printed on the towers. The kids will be able to bounce high and they will not get tired of jumping all the day. 

                                      princess castles jumping blow up bounce house

9. Mini inflatable backyard bouncy house for Toddlers and very young kids 

Yes, even the toddlers can enjoy these cute baby bouncers. The next one is primarily intended for the very small kids and it is of small dimensions, but big enough for up to five toddlers to play inside. You can accommodate it either in your yard or in the room, and it is suitable for both baby boys and baby girls. There are protective meshes all around the bouncer, so you do not have to worry about your child's safety. 

                                      Mini inflatable backyard bouncy house for kids

10. Inflatable Castle Slide With Multicolored Towers 

The last inflatable castle for today is a bouncer with towers in different colors – orange, red, blue and green. Also, this loveable bouncer has a slide in its composition, which is covered with mesh in order to increase the safety of children. It looks very nice, and can be installed in different places. Not only the kids, their parents will also want to enter the castle and jump inside.