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How to Repair a Mildly Damage Inflatable Bouncer

Author:Inflatable Bouncer Date:2013-6-9 17:33:52

It is really annoying to find that your furniture break into pieces, and it is even more annoying that you have to call for help or repair it on your own efforts. But when it comes to inflatable bouncers, you won’t undergo such embarrassing experience. Not that our products will never be spoiled, but even when inevitable breakages do occur, it is not at all difficult to repair it yourself.

In the following content, I will show you how to repair a mildly damaged inflatable bouncer.

Firstly I would rather you to realize that inflatable bouncers pierced by needles is the easiest ones to be repaired. The instructions below will surely do you a favor.

The first step to do is blowing off the air and plug the air tap to stop the air inside from flowing.

Then, take out the special glue (you can buy it from us) and drip it on the breakage. If the hole is rather big, you should use a toothpick to dip some glue, and spread on the rim of the hole, after that, cover the hole with extra glue.

The last thing to do is to set it aside for at least four hours before next time’s blowing up.

You see, just a piece of glue and a toothpick, the problem can be readily solved. So the next time you are hesitate standing in front of an inflatable bouncer, just buy one for fun!