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Products > Portable Planetarium Dome

Portable Planetarium dome, Mobile Planetarium Dome

Size: 5mL*5mW*3.2mH
Pack: 50*38*38CM,26KG
Material:Specially coated
projection cloth
Inflatable Mobile Planetarium Dome
Size: 4mL*4mW*3.0mH
Pack: 50*38*38CM,26 KG
Material: Specially coated
projection cloth
Inflatable planetarium dome tent
Size: 6mL*6mW*3.6mH
Pack: 60cm*55cm*55cm
Weight: about 50 KG
Material: Projection cloth
6m Portable Inflatable Planetarium Tent
Size: 8mL*8mW*5mH
Pack: 85cm*50cm*50cm
Weight: about 66 KG
Material: projection cloth
Inflatable Mobile Planetarium Dome for Schools
Size: 5mL*5mW*3mH
Pack: 55cm*40cm*40cm
Weight: about 35 KG
Material: projection cloth
Portable planetarium projection dome tent
Size(meters): 5m~10m diameter
Material: Coated projection cloth
Standard: Meet NFPA-701 standard
Color: Dark blue or black color
Planetarium projection dome inflatable tent 
Size: 4m or customized(3-10m)
Weight: About 30/35kgs/pcs
Color: Dark blue or black color
Material: Specially projection cloth
Inflatable planetarium projection dome tent
Size: 4mL*4mW*3mH
Pack: 51cm*45cm*45cm
Weight: about 36 KG/pcs
Material: special coated fabric
Inflatable projection dome tent
Size: 5mL*5mW*3.6mH
Pack: 55cm*55cm*55cm
Weight: about 50 KG
Material: projection cloth
Inflatable dome projection screen
Size: 6mL*6mW*4mH
Pack: 85cm*55cm*55cm
Weight: about 66kg/pcs
Material: projection cloth
Accessories: air blower
Inflatable planetarium education projection dome
size: 6m diameter of the dome
Material: projection screen cloth
Color: black or dark blue color
Usage: 360 movie projection education
Inflatable 360 movie projection dome tent
Size: 6m diameter for dome
Material: special coated 
Projection screen cloth
Color: black or dark blue
Inflatable movie projection theater sphere dome
Size(meters): 5m diameter
Material: Projection cloth
OEM: Custom design available
Color: Dark blue or black
Inflated blow up portable planetarium dome tent
Size: 7M diameter for the dome
Material: Projection cloth
OEM: Custom design is available
Color: Dark blue or black color
Airlock door full dome portable planetarium
Size: 7m
material: proejction screen cloth
color: dark blue or black
7m planetario inflable
Size: 6mL*6mW*4.5mH
Pack: 68cm*55cm*55cm
Weight: about 68 KG
Material:special coated fabric
6m planetarium dome
Size: 10m for dome, about 
13.8m x 10m for whole size
Material: Planetarium dome fabric
and 1000D PVC tarps
Weight: About 400kgs
10m planetarium dome
Size:4m diameter
Weight: about 30 KG
Material: projection cloth
4M planetarium dome building
dome size: 5m diameter
details: Whole planetarium equipements included
Mobile Planetarium complete setup
Size: 10m diameter; 
10m to 20m  is acceptable
Material: PVC tarps
10m portable projection dome
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Planetarium dome is more and more popular with time goes. It is widely used for Science popularization, astronomers show, and it is especially very useful for school to make education. Besides, it can be also used to make movie show, some use it to be photo studio.
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Portable Planetarium dome, Mobile Planetarium Dome

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