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• It is best for Starry night transparent inflatable bubble hotel tent for outdoor camping transparent inflata

• Mobile inflatable spray paint booth tent is suitable for car painting

• Beautiful clear inflatable car cover garage tent

• Mobile inflatable car detailing tent can be used in all season

• Customized advertising inflatables house tent

• Customized Inflatable Car Cover Garage Tent With Led Light

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Products > Outdoor Inflatable Tents

party inflatable tents, inflatable camping tent

Material: PVC tarpa&Oxford cloth
Mobile Inflatable tent for golf simulator
External Size: 6mL x 4mW x 3mH
Internal Size: 6mL x 3.4mW x 2.7mH
Material: commercial grade PVC tarpaulin
Weight: 95kgs
Packing: 105x65x65cm
Airtight Spray Booth For Sale
Size: 9.5mLx5.5mWx4mH or customized
Material: Commercial Grade PVC tarpaulin
Color: Light Gray or can be customized
Package size: About 137x100x102cm,250kgs
Movable Inflatable Ventilated Spray Painting Booth
External size: 8mLx4mWx3mH of the tent
Material: Commercial grade PVC tarpaulin
Color: White color or can be customized
Weight: About 100x85x85cm,120kgs/pcs
Inflatable spray booth car detailing tent
Hot selling size: 6mx5mx3m
Material:commercial PVC tarpaulin
Inflatable medical defending isolation tent
Size: 21mL x 18mW x 8.7mH
Material: Durable PVC tarpaulin
Weight: About 1200KGS/piece
Color: White or be customized
Cube inflatable building structures tent
External Size: 6mL x 4mW x 3mH
Internal Size: 6mL x 3mW x 2.5mH
Material: Oxford with PVC coating
Color: dark blue or customized
Weight: 60kgs
Inflatable Spray Booth
Size: 10m x10m
Material: waterproof PVC tarps
Weight: about 300kgs
Camping in igloo dome shape for cold weather
Size:15x10x5.5m or custom
Material: grade PVC tarpaulin
Weight:about 450KG
inflatable auto repair tent
Size: 18mL x 9mW x 5mH
Material:  PVC tarpaulin
Weight: About 420kgs
Big marquee tent for wedding
Size: 10mLx6mWx3mH or customized
Material: 1000D PVC tarpaulin
OEM: Customized service is accepted
Color: White and red or be customized
Inflatable refugee tent for first aid during disaster
Material:PVC tarpaulin
Color:can be customized
Weight about:240kgs
Packing size:170x80x80cm
Grey Blasting and painting Tents
External size:6mL*4.6mW*4.1mH
Internal size:6mL*3.6mW*3.6mH
Material:14.6OZ PVC tarpaulin
inflatable auto repair shelter
in size:6mL*3.5mW*3mH
Weight:about 120kgs
Packing size:about 0.9CBM
inflatable paint spray booth
Size: 7mLx6mWx5mH
Material:Commercial grade PVC tarps
Color:same as the picture or can be customized
Weight: 87kgs
inflatable workshop as spray booth
External Size:  7.3mLx4.6mWx4.3mH
Internal Size: 7.3mL x 3.2mW x 3.6mH
Material:PVC taupaulin
Portable inflatable garage
Size: 6mLx4mW/10mLx5mW
Material:  PVC tarpaulin
color: white & black
mobile inflatable car repair garage tent
External Size: 6.6mL X 4.5mW X 3.5mH
Internal SIze: 6.6mL X 3.5mW X 3mH
Material: Nylon or PVC tarpaulins
Weight about:60kgs
white inflatable car storage tent
External size:6mLx4.3mWx3mH
Internal size:6mLx3.3mWx2.5mH
Material: White oxford
Weight: About 45 kgs
portable Inflatable car shelter
Size: 18mL x 9mW x 5mH 
Material: PVC tarpaulin
Weight: About 420kgs
paintball arena sport hall tent
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Comparing with the traditional frame tent, inflatable tent is more attractivefrom the shape,because the inflatable tent can be shaped as cube, dome, oval, tunnel and even designed according to a special objects.Besides, inflatable tents are very easy to set up.Most time,you just need to us the air blower,The air pressure will make the whole tent to be shaped just as you designed, the air is a very good helper when installing the tent.
And before the installment and after event, we can deflate the tent and pack it to be small package which is much easier to transport. This is much different when compare to the heavy and large space metal frames. We have many kinds of inflatable tent that is suitable for promotion, concert, dinner party, storage, garage, car painting, car washing emergency cover and so on. So the inflatable tents are more and more popular right now.
Do you have any ideas about the inflatable tent you want? If yes,we will assist you to finish the perfect tent you want.
Position:Products > Outdoor Inflatable Tents

party inflatable tents, inflatable camping tent

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