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What is the advantages of Inflatable Tent

Author: Date:2018-10-23 13:42:55
Tents are very important when we are camping, but the ordinary tent is very troublesome. There is a new kind of tent can take the place of the ordinary one, it’s the inflatable tent, and it has more advantages than the ordinary one.

First, the inflatable tent is made of PVC. PVC material is soft and light, it can bring easily and can fold up. The ordinary one is consist of iron pipes, brackets and canvas , these materials are so heavy and takes too much room when you are transport it. As the inflatable tent, you can bring it in your private car and have no need to call a transport car to transport it for you, you can save the fair.

Second, the inflatable tent is easier to set up than the ordinary one. You can place it in an wide field and link it to a blower, then it will set up the tent for you in several minutes. When you demolish it, you can blow off the air in it and fold it up without any trouble. For the ordinary one, you should set it up with other people, or you will fail or take too much time to do it because of its complex structure.

In a word, inflatable tent is more useful than the ordinary one. If you are love to camping, inflatable is a good choice for you. More information is in  http://www.yolloy.net/Outdoor-Inflatable-Tents/  .