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What LED lighting decoration inflatable To Use For Advertising

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2016-9-20 14:07:52
When you want to advertise something, it is highly recommended to use lighting items because they attract the attention a lot. The best ones are inflatable decoration inflatables, since they are both easy to use and attractive. In Yolloy online store you can buy more than 50 different inflatables of that ilk. Just click here: http://www.yolloy.net/inflatable-advertising-model/inflatable-lighting-decoration-23-16-1.html
Below, you can find out what are the most popular lighting decoration products in our shop.

Inflatable Lighting Sun Flower

They usually come together with light stars, in a few different colors. It is an ideal decorative detail for all kinds of parties, which is able to completely change the overall look of a certain room. In addition to indoor activities, it is also perfect for outdoor space - on the squares, promenades, parks, alongside roads, and other public places. These gorgeous flowers are made in different shapes and they come with different LED lights, strips and lighting effects.

                                      portable inflatable sun flower

Inflatable Lighting Horns

These horns are made in different forms, but the most common shapes are the half-moon horns, a conical shape and the wriggly horns.They are often placed in the rows along the certain trails and roads where people need to pass through. As far as the materials, they are mostly produced by colorful polyester taffeta fabrics, which gives them a high durability and makes them romantic appearance. Being their size is not so big, these items are easy to carry from one place to another, and thus very portable.
                                       inflatable lighting horns for party

Inflatable Lighting Stars

Different sizes are available on the market, ranging from small lighting stars to those which are 8 m large. The white inflatable stars look amazing, but you can also use a few stars in different colors if you want, or in different sizes. Every decoration combination is interesting in its own way.
                                        inflatable lighting star

8ft tall inflatable spiked lighting tower

You can find them in a variety of colors, but the most common are blue and green towers, as well as red, purple and yellow lighting inflatable towers. So, you will choose the size according to the room height where you plan to put them. What' more, they fit well in the open air places. After use, these towers can be packed up easily in an Oxford cloth bag or in a cardboard box because their size is only 50x40x40 in deflated station.

                                      8ft tall inflatable spiked tower lighting

Inflatable Heart Decoration

This is a perfect gift for romantic persons. Inflatable hearts are suitable for some occasion such as a wedding party, for festivals and other events. However, theValentine's Day is the best occasion to decorate the rooms and other spaces with these cute hearts. You may use them in various colors, or to use colorful inflatable hearts. Also, you may combine them with the other lighting inflatables. It would look fantastically!
                                       Heart lampshade droplight inflatable

Jellyfish Inflatable Drop Light Lamps

The jellyfish inflatable lamps give a sophisticated look to the places. This is a new drop light for decoration, and it is an in-demand product all around the globe. It is widely used for stage, parties, hall decoration, for cultural events, and the like. If you want to beautify your indoor space, jellyfish inflatable lamps are the best choice!
                                         Jellyfish lamp shade inflatable droplight