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Fantastic portable planetarium dome

Author:planetarium dome Date:2013-10-12 8:57:01

When I was young, I was deeply attracted by the mysterious phenomenon of the endless universe. I was eager to learn more about the world we live in, especially the principle of the celestial bodies. However, as the technology was limited, I did not get a chance to explore the universe in a direct way. But as the technology developed by leaps and bounce, a new kind of planetarium came out, that is the inflatable planetarium.

The new invention is called an inflatable moveable planetarium, which is composed of tent domes and an inflatable blower. You can see in the picture but you may not know, the dome body is a special structure whose semispherical top object is conjoined with a skirt curtain of cylinder type. An entrance is set onto the frontage of the tent for people to get in and out. The air inlet tube is connected with the air fan. The utility model is molded by fan blowing, and the astronomical phenomena hall is in the dark without light, causing artificial night sky. It saves a lot of time and labor in field erection, the inflatable planetarium is spacious so that the air indoor is fresh. It just occupies small volume after rewinding, thus, it is to be transported. Our inflatable planetarium has beautiful appearance. It is quite suitable for astronomical demonstration, as well as teaching of geography and tourism.

I still remember the day when I took part in a visit to an inflatable planetarium. In a 4.3 meters high, 6.5 meters in diameter, inflatable planetarium more than 80 people were accommodated to watch the dummy sky. According to the introduction given by the staff, the inflatable planetarium and astronomical demonstration instrument are imported from the United States. The inflatable planetarium is at the same time equipped with audio equipment, slide projector, etc. The show is mainly to introduce the major constellation seasons and famous stars, nebulae and star clusters to the adolescent. The realistic image of the sky show let the audience feel that they were in the universe. At the same time, professional explanation and beautiful sound effects also make it an enjoyable time for the students.

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