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Clear Inflatable Swimming Pool Enclosure Retractable

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2018-11-16 11:07:27
Are you upset because the water in the swimming pool is not clean? Do you know how to protect your swimming pool?

Now I have good news for you.A Clear Inflatable Swimming Pool Enclosure Retractable can help you,this is our new design,please check.


This pool enclosure is different from the other traditional pool covers. It is inflatable pool enclosure, air tight, portable and retractable. Compare with the other glass or metal pool covers, this inflatable pool cover is much easier to installed, about 5-10 minutes, you can finish installation.

At the bottom of the inflatable pool enclosure, there are fasten anchoring if need to do fixing. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

The whole structure is the same technology of the portable military tents, it is strong, durable and long life span. It is waterproof cover, besides, the material is UV-resistant. With this cover, people can be more comfortable inside the pool.


Material of Inflatable Swimming Pool Cover

(1)Durable PVC, tensile strength, long life, and in full compliance with European standards of environmental standards.

(2)Anchor or D-rings to keep stability and safety.


(4)PVC waterproof folder mesh, with antiknock

Workmanship of Hot Selling Inflatable Swimming Pool Cover

(1)Double-stitched reinforced seams and jump surface Commercial grade sewing style.

(2)High quality netting or mesh with small holes for safety.

(3)Handle reinforced and slide & step reinforced to ehhance the quality of the productions.Must pass strict 48 hour leak test before leaving factory.

How to protect inflatable equipment?

1) Take off the shoes and all sharp items before playing.

2) Do not move the product, if the ground dragging a long time, it is easy to frayed.

3) Keep it away from fire and do not use it under extreme weather, avoiding accidents.

4) If don't use it for a long time, please package it well.

5) Storage temperature is generally -40 to +40 degrees Celsius.

For either residential or commercial use, now there is no need to close your pool after only 4 or 5 months of swimming. You can extend your swimming season well into the winter or even continue swimming year round with this cover.